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A proudly family-owned and operated skip bin hire, waste disposal and cleaning company, Tim’s Skip Bins has serviced Sydney’s Hawkesbury, Hills, Nepean and Blacktown areas since 1993. Whether you’re cleaning, moving house, renovating your home or landscaping your backyard, we have the perfect skip bin to suit you and your needs. We recycle your rubbish wherever possible, and offer same-day delivery to your home or business, six days a week, or Sundays by request. If you’re short on time, we even offer labour hire to fill your bin for you. At Tim’s Skip Bins, we’re all about making rubbish disposal as easy as possible.
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Hiring a skip bin online couldn’t be simpler. Just select the size of the bin you need, tell us the kind of waste you’re looking to get rid of and enter your contact details. We’ll be in touch to finalise the details and arrange payment.


2 Cubic Metre Bin

Open top bin

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3 Cubic Metre Bin

Open top bin – Wheelbarrow access doors available

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4 Cubic Metre Bin

Open top bin – Wheelbarrow access doors available

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6 Cubic Metre Bin

Open top bin – Wheelbarrow access doors available

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8 Cubic Metre Bin

Open top bin – Wheelbarrow access doors available

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When you book your skip bin, it’s important to let us know what kind of waste you’re planning to fill it with. Here are some basic guidelines to help you work out what description best fits your rubbish, so we can ensure you receive the skip bin that’s best suited to your needs.

General waste

Cardboard, clothing, toys, furniture, plastic, metal, electrical appliances, light timber and green waste
Bricks, carpet, concrete, soil, tiles, timber sleepers, food, fibro, mattresses, gyprock, tree trunks and stumps, and tyres, unless they’re still on the rim

Mixed building waste

Waste from household or industrial renovations, including mixed concrete, bricks, tiles, timber and gyprock
Food, carpet, soil, tree trunks and stumps, and tyres, unless they’re still on the rim

Bricks and Concrete

Bricks and concrete, roof and floor tiles, pebbles, rocks, slate, pavers
Dirt and other waste

Green waste

Includes: Organic waste, like grass and tree clippings, branches, woodchips, bark and light timber Excludes: Soil, dirt, rocks, chemicals, concrete, bricks, pavers, tree stumps and timber sleepers

Additionally, there are some items we can dispose of for you, but these items include an additional charge:

- Mattresses - $45

- Tyres - $25 per tyre (free if the tyre is still on the rim)

We can also accept car batteries, as well as metal and steel.


There are some forms of waste that can never be put into a skip bin

  • - Asbestos, or any other hazardous waste
  • - Insulation material of any kind
  • - Liquids, including paints, oils and chemicals
  • - Fire extinguishers
  • - Tree trunks
  • - Gas bottles
  • - Needles, syringes or biological waste
  • - Food scraps
  • - Poisons
  • - Explosive materials


Tim Skip Beans Sizes

Easy. You can estimate the volume of the skip bin you’ll need by measuring the approximate size of your pile of rubbish, then using the following calculation:

Length x Width x Height = Volume

For example: 1.8m x 1.6m x 1.3m = approximately 3.7m. In this case, we’d recommend a 4 cubic metre skip bin.

If you need help choosing the right bin to suit your needs, call Tim on
0403 447 373 for more information.


When we pick up your skip bin, we’re legally required to cover the contents for safe transit. If your skip bin has been overfilled to the point that we’re not able to cover the bin safely, our driver will remove some of the contents of your bin and leave them behind, on your property, before covering the skip bin and loading it onto their truck.

If the driver can’t remove the overloaded material for any reason, they’ll contact you to arrange delivery of another skip bin for the excess rubbish. This second delivery will be at your expense, and you’ll need to transfer the overloaded waste to the new bin in your own time.


We’re glad you asked! Clean fill or hard full rubbish is redirected to recycling facilities, where it’s used to create hard rubble for laying roads. The contents of green waste skip bins are turned into mulch for use in landscaping. Non-ferrous steel is also recycled.


You can hire a bin for a seven day period. If you’d like us to pick up your bin earlier, or if you’d like to arrange more time to fill your bin, call us on
0403 447 373


The best place for your skip bin is on your driveway or front lawn. If you’re worried about marking your driveway, let us know when you book your skip bin and we can provide protective timber blocks to go under your bin to protect the surface underneath.

Our bins are delivered on a specialised truck, with a lifter that lowers your skip bin to the ground. We can lift your bin over a low fence, around one metre tall. We can also lower your bin onto a surface that’s one metre lower than the surface the truck is on. However, please keep in mind that you’ll need to ensure there’s room for our truck to back up to the location, and that you’ll need ample room to load your bin.

If there’s no room on your front lawn or driveway, we can deploy your skip bin on your front nature strip, or even on the road – however, this may require a council permit, depending on your local council’s regulations.


This depends on your local council. If you’re not able to fit your bin onto your property, you may need a council permit to place your bin on your nature strip or on the road. We recommend you contact your council before you book your skip bin if you have any questions or concerns.


We certainly can! Contact Tim on 0403 447 373 to enquire about labour hire. Our dedicated, hands-on staff will load your bin quickly and efficiently, leaving you time to take care of more important things.


This depends on when you contact us, as well as the suburb you’d like your bin delivered. In most cases, we’re able to deliver your skip bin the day after you contact us, if not the same day. We offer delivery and pick up between Monday and Saturday – or even on Sundays by special request.


Tim’s Skip Bins accept two methods of payment: cash and credit card.

If you’re paying with cash, you can pay when your skip bin is delivered. We also accept Visa and Mastercard, and our drivers have mobile EFTPOS facilities, so you can pay using credit card when we drop your bin off – or you can pay in advance over the phone when you contact us to finalise your booking.